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 Everybody loves the rain right? Curling up on the sofa or in the balcony with a warm cup of tea and maybe even freshly made pakodas on the side, your pet sleeping soundly in your lap. Bliss.

 But do we all know that’s not how it is for the countless dogs and cats living on the streets? For them, the rainy season brings about more challenges than usual; finding dry shelter, staying warm, and finding food amidst dwindling supply.

Above all, they can’t tell us that they need help as they continue their daily struggle.

So, how can we help them?

Help provide shelter – let the strays take shelter in your apartment complexes, but make sure to sensitise security guards so they know to let the animals in, where there will inevitably be dry spots, or park your cars outside so they can take shelter underneath (don’t forget to check underneath before you start your car though). 

You could even build makeshift or permanent sheds using cardboard boxes or rubber tyres which can be used by animals to stay dry and even in the summer to get out of the heat.

Give them food and clean water – if you’re taking them into your apartment complexes or creating sheds, leave out bowls of clean water and some food for them to eat, but make sure you don’t give them anything that could be toxic. If you can, go around and feed as many stray animals in your area as you can – anything counts.

During the rains, there in an increase in bacteria and other harmful organisms which can increase the chances of illness and infections. If you notice that a stray in your neighbourhood is displaying symptoms of illness, contact animal medical services and administer medicines if needed.

Just like every year, the rains will be here soon, and we all know how harsh the rains in Mumbai can be. So please, keep a look out for the plight of your neighbourhood strays, and do whatever you can. No effort is too big or too small; everything counts. Let’s do this together!



Woof! Hey everybody! I’m Waffle, I just came back from my walk! It was raining, and now I’m wet! And my paws are damp and muddy! My human just went to wipe himself, but he forgot all about me! Take it from me, it’s not fun being wet and muddy.

You don’t want your dog or cat to feel like miserable like me, do you? Here’s what you need to do:

Keep your pet dry – When you come back from a walk, make sure to wipe your dog or cat with a towel, a soft one preferably. Wipe them completely to reduce the chances of getting any kind of infection.

Keep their paws clean and dirt free – When drying your pet after the walk, pay special attention to the paws, which can pick up all sorts of dirt and grime from the streets. Make sure to clean the paws thoroughly, even between the pads. Also, don’t let the nails grow too long.

Check for potential fungal infections in paws and ears – When the rains come, the possibility of getting painful fungal infections increases. That’s why its crucial to ensure your pet is fully dry. Clean the ears too. Remember to check for rashes and redness, and also check your pet’s ears for any signs of infection. If you notice anything, go to the vet!

Hey again! I can hear thunder, and it’s really loud. I’m scared… 

Here’s what you need to do to ensure your pet feels safe during thunderstorms:

Make a safe spot for them to relax – Thunder scares animals, and they feel the need to find shelter. In your house, ensure that there is a spot where your pet feels safe and relaxed, whether it is under a table, in their crate, in the corner of a specific room, or even cuddling with you. Your pet must feel secure and not be stressed. But remember not to add to their anxiety by over cuddling them or creating more loud noises.



Hi everyone! I’ve passed these instructions on to my human as well and I’ve become one happy dog!

So, dear humans, make sure you follow my tips, and your pet can stay happy too!


The Indian summer is hot, incredibly hot. The fact that our cities are largely concrete jungles does not help as temperatures get higher and higher every summer.

But this concrete jungle does have its animals, the stray dogs and cats that consider the streets their home. They, unlike us, cannot retreat to air-conditioned living rooms, and instead have to bear the brunt of the heat and the harsh sun. However, they don’t have to, because we can help them! Here’s how:

  • Leave out water bowls for your neighbourhood strays.

Drinking water cools the system from the inside, and so it provides temporary relief from the heat, and being hydrated is always good for the strays, who often have to search for water. Water can evaporate quickly in the heat so try to keep refilling your water bowls throughout the day.

  • Open up your housing complexes for strays to enter and take shelter

There is definitely going to be shade and cool spots in apartment complexes. Desensitize your security guards and also your neighbours and let a few strays in so they can cool down in the shade.

  • Try to build shelter on the road if you can

If you can’t let strays into your apartment complexes, try to build a makeshift shelter nearby where the strays can escape from the harsh sun and sit in the shade offered by your shelter. You could use cardboard, newspapers, or cartons, or anything else that can provide shelter

  • Check under your car before you drive

Some stray animals, especially the smaller ones, sometimes sleep under cars in the shade they provide. Before you start your car, make sure to check underneath it and particularly near the tyres to avoid potentially injuring them.

  • Feed them fruits and vegetables if possible

Leave out food items like watermelons and cucumbers which will refresh them and also help to hydrate them, instead of leaving out food like biscuits. There are many fruits which can help even apart from watermelon.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways through which you can help strays in the harsh Indian summer. Every little effort counts, and together, we can make stray lives more comfortable.



As a pet parent, summer is a tough time, and brings out big challenges in taking care of your pet and helping them cope with the harsh heat.

In the summer, it can be difficult for your furry companion, with overheating being a huge concern for them.

Here’s what you should do to make your pet feel more comfortable in the summer:

  • Trim and brush your pet’s fur:

Long thick fur can be largely responsible for making your pet feel hotter, so take your pet to the groomer and get their fur trimmed to a shorter length. Also, remember to increase the frequency of brushing your pet, as their shedding increases. Getting rid of all the dead fur also helps with cooling the pet down.

  • Keep your pet hydrated:

Hydration is the key to stay cool during the summer. Make sure to provide water for your pet and frequently replace it. If possible, provide cool water for added benefit. Additionally, you can feed your pet cold watermelon and cucumber and other hydrating fruits.

  • Take your pet for a walk when it is less hot:

Try to take your pet out on a walk in the mornings and evenings when it is less hot and sunny, so that your pet does not get dehydrated. Remember to check how hot the ground is by placing the back of your hand on the ground before taking your pet out, as paws are more sensitive to heat. Carry some water with you when you go on a walk just in case your pet needs it.

  • Don’t leave your pet in the car:

If you’re going out and taking your pet with you, do not leave them in your car. Cars get very hot in the summer and your pet could overheat and even possibly get a heatstroke, even if you keep the car windows open.

  • Keep your house cool:

Keep the general temperature of your house cool. If possible, turn on the air conditioner or air cooler on for some time so the room is not as hot. This allows your pet to cool down a bit from the outside.

So there we go! Follow these tips, and summer for you and your pet will be a breeze!

Articles written by Vedang Sumbre

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