Power to Be Your Best – Todd Duncan

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Author Todd Duncan teaches that it is possible to get more out of life and become the person you always wanted to be. In this insightful book, Duncan uses five essential clarifying questions to lead readers through the process of realizing the life of success and significance they deserve. You’ll ask yourself: What is my purpose?; What do I value?; What is my vision?; What is my mission?; and What will I do today in each value area? The Power to Be Your Best helps you leverage these questions as a platform to mastering your schedule, breaking life-reducing habits, building mentoring relationships–and enjoying success doing what you love. It is possible to be busy and successful; to be happy and fulfilled. When you stop burying your discontent under the claim that, “when life settles down I’ll . . .” you’ll stop accumulating empty things and start building a life of real, rich value. Using profound examples and practical insights, this critical interruption to our fast-paced schedules offers the key to achieving and maintaining a fulfilling life.



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