Devi had come to us earlier last year with a very terrible maggot wound on her mouth. We made her better and then took her back to her area. Whenever one of our team members would go to near her location, we would always make it a point to check on her. Unfortunately, last month our ambulance was shut and we did not go anywhere. Yesterday we got a call about a very badly injured dog with a severe maggot wound in the leg sitting in front of a Baskin and Robins in the same area where Devi stays. We received a video of the dog and knew that it was her. She was in a terrible terrible state. Half her leg was eaten by maggots and her bone was also visible. There was a wound on her mouth as well and maggot eggs had formed near it too. We immediately took her to the hospital for treatment. Doctors informed us that had we been a little late, there was a good chance she would have completely lost the use of her leg. 

Devi is now in recovery and admitted at the hospital. We are hoping she becomes fit and fine soon. 


We found Banzai with this severe maggot infested wound on his ear in an area in Thane. He is now in recovery and getting better. He has a steady appetite thankfully and is eating.
The the wound is in a sensitive area in the ear and is quite extensive. His recovery will take time.


We found Behru in a very poor condition. His testicle had come out of it’s scrotal sack and he was in a lot of pain. We brought him in for treatment and performed emergency surgery immediately. Behru is now in recovery.


We got a call a couple of days back about Luke crouching under a vegetable cart with a maggot infested snout & mouth. Luke is a medium sized, black & white coloured old dog from Bhim Nagar chawl area, Thane.
Since we regularly go to this chawl area for treatment & many people in the area are animal friendly, we were shocked that no one had called us earlier. The residents informed us that he had been missing since a few days & was nowhere to be found. In spite of all the pain he was in, he responded by allowing us to pet him once we dragged him out of his hiding place. Since there was not much area near the mouth to tie or muzzle without hurting him, we relied on the hope that he wouldn’t bite us. We took a leap of faith & so did he. He trusted us & we carried him & put him into the ambulance. We rushed him to the Petvets hospital. Doctors started the treatment immediately. He is still unable to breathe properly & even though the maggot medicine is given, we are still in the process of removing all the maggots.


A rescue call from Uthalsar area in Thane and informed us of Alex, an elegant male indie with a maggot wound on his face. He was so timid and docile when we got to him, hiding away shyly from us. However, he let us pet him and we finally managed to bring him in for treatment. Alex has recovered beautifully. He lost his left eye and still continues to be the adorable boy he is.


Our dear boy Vasco was treated by us earlier when he came in with a critical eye injury was recovering from his surgery and was doing great. However, he was hit by a reckless driver who fled from the scene leaving an injured, recovering patient Vasco howling in unbearable pain and confusion late in the night. We were informed about Vasco immediately and we rushed to the location. His hind legs were severely damaged. Vasco is currently using a wheel cart to take his walks and explore the area around him. The wheel cart enables Vasco to use his front legs to navigate while the wheels at the back provide him with mobility to move. Inspite of all that he has been through, Vasco continues to be a very happy and jolly boy.


On our way back after attending a rescue call, we spotted Lily, with a live wound in her neck area dripping with blood. She was troubled by the wound and was desperately trying to nurse it. On seeing us approach, she started to hide from us, this game of hide and chase went on until finally, Lily entered a stationery shop wherein we blocked the entrance after being informed that the shop has a back lane second entrance. we used the back lane second entrance to corner her. She did not even attempt to bite or restrict us and was only willing to give us a chance, after being exhausted. she has no caretaker, no on to look after other. Cost of her care is 300 per day, she responded well to her treatments and is recovering post surgery.


Our handsome little fellow was called in by a local animal lover after a reckless driver ran over his front legs. Lanka is a victim of road rage and we hope for his speedy recovery. 


Ramona was injured and unattended for a long time, a kind gentleman came forward and informed us of her condition. He tried to medicate Ramona locally but she kept running and hiding, trying to find for a hideout in the middle of all the sacks near a rubbish area. We got Ramona out and into our care. She has been responding well to our treatment.


Blackie is an indie residing in Thane who was brought to our notice saying he has been injured and has a maggot wound on the eye. Blackie had already lost one eye in a previous injury and hence we were really worried that he would lose his remaining eye too. However, Balckie fought the infection and the maggot wound like the good boy that he is. His eye recovered and he did not lose his damaged eye. 


Our strong boy Thomas came in with a huge open wound and with his hope all shattered. He would just lie down on the floor and lie still, unless he wanted to pee or relieve himself. Initially, he would not let any staff even touch him. But eventually he understood that we were trying to help him. Now he is all well but unfortunately cannot go back to the road as he does not belong to the area we found him in. Hence we are looking for a kind soul to adopt and take him home. 


Moti a majestic mix between a Labrador and a Great Dane, brutally thrown out on the unpredictable streets of Thane. He had been on the roads for two days and was weak and dehydrated.

Moti was severely malnourished and his body bent most likely because of bad breeding practices. Moti is currently up for adoption.

He is very playful and curious. He is eager to live his lost puppy days.


Kulfi has been rescued from a miserable life on the street. She is an old dog who lived in an area in Thane and one fine day went missing from her area. After looking for her for many months, we got to know of a dog very similar to her roaming in a very far away location in Thane. On rushing to the area, we realised that it was Kulfi! Immediately we got her back with us. She was emaciated and had a bad wound on her back. She was so grateful that someone had finally put an end to her misery on the road. She is now well with us. She still walks on three legs as her leg injury is an old one and cannot be corrected. 


A blind, old, fully pregnant dog was hit by a vehicle and left to her fate. The driver did not bother about the fact that Lakshmi was carrying live babies in her belly and that the accident has caused her to be immobile with no sensation in her hind legs, which meant she could neither move nor feed herself or her babies. We brought in Lakshmi and her yet to be born babies. She could not have a normal delivery as her entire hind area was paralysed. Lakshmi had to have a C-section to deliver her babies. She could not nurse her babies well, but she managed to keep them alive with her warmth while we raised them with bottle feeding. Her babies are healthy and adopted now. Lakshmi continues to be at our center, enjoying her remaining glory days, greeting everyone who enters the center with her calm look and asking her for a neck rub. 

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