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Cherry is an adorable 1 year old male tuxedo cat up for adoption. He is very friendly and docile. He is also vaccinated and neutered. An ideal pet for any family. Call / Whatsapp 9324699829 to adopt this handsome boy


Lucy was rescued when she was a puppy from a local dumpster. She is a beautiful mixed breed dog and resembles a fox. Lucy is very loving with her human friends but takes time to acquaint with other dogs.


Scrawny is 3 years old and a true warrior. She beat cancer and is one of our friendliest and most docile dogs. She is extremely gentle, reserved and loves ice cream and long walks outside.


Dodo is a beautiful Indian Mixed Breed dog who was rescued from the streets after he met with an accident. Dodo has a vibrant personality and is very affectionate and expressive


Michael was abandoned in Vasant Vihar and it didn’t take long for us to learn that he is very gentle and empathetic. He loves to cuddle or simply rest his head on your lap. He enjoys playing with humans and other dogs.

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