ARIES is 6 months old. He is a very loving kitten. He is vaccinated and neutered. He is also playful and loves his toys. Aries is also litter trained.
SELENA is 8 months old. She is an adorable young lady who is layful and loving. She is neutered and vaccinated. She is also trained to use the litter tray.
CHERRY is a beautiful Indian tuxedo cat. He is very loving and playful. He is neutered, vaccinated and litter trained. He is 1 year old. Cherry currently lives in a caged boarding and he urgently needs a home.
LUCY was rescued when she was a puppy from a local dumpster. She is a beautiful mixed breed dog and resembles a fox. Lucy is very loving with her human friends but takes time to acquaint with other dogs. She is 2 year old. She is neutered, vaccinated and healthy.
SCRAWNY is 7 years old and a true warrior. She beat cancer and is one of our friendliest and most docile dogs. She is extremely gentle, reserved and loves ice cream and long walks outside. She is also great with kids and young children.
LILY is a 2 year old beautiful silver eyed girl. She is very loving and is very docile and friendly. She will be a good addition to any home. She is also neutered and vaccinated.
SUNSHINE is a 4 month old puppy looking for her forever home. She is playful, adorable and very loving. She is fully vaccinated as well.
GARFIELD is a 1 year + Persian Cat up for adoption. He is very loving and adorable. Neutered and healthy.
BONITA is a beautiful Persian female cat. She is around a year old. She is neutered and healthy. Very loving and playful
MIA is a friendly and loving Indie dog who is looking for a permanent home. She is 1 year old. She has been the victim of a road accident in the past and has suffered a lot. She emerged out of all the pain as a very strong girl. She is vaccinated, neutered and healthy.
WAGGY is a super friendly and loving adult indie dog who is looking for his forever home. Some of his favourite things to do are to walk, play and cuddle. He is 2 years old, is vaccinated and neutered. He will be a wonderful addition to any family looking to bring a pet dog home.
JOHNNY is 1.5 years old. He is friendly and loving. He is a one eyed cat. He is neutered, vaccinated and litter trained. He will make a great addition to any family looking to adopt a furry friend.
MOTI is a GSD - Great Dane Mix who is up for adoption and is looking for a home. He is very playful and a high energy dog. He was rescued from the streets as he was abandoned due to a hind leg deformity. He has recovered completely from the deforrmity, however finds it difficult to stand only on his hind 2 legs. He is 8 months old and growing at a fast pace. He loveshis toys - to chew on and to play. He loves to go on walks too and loves to be petted.
ALEX is one of the most handsome dogs we have ever come across. He is fully white in colour and though he lacks an eye, he makes up for it with his beautiful temperament. He is full of life and love. He is leash trained,neutered, vaccinated and healthy. A fabulous candidate for adoption!
UPDATE - SAMMY IS ADOPTED - Sammy is a little curious boy. He is 2.5 months of age. He is looking for a loving home. He is dewomred and vaccination is in process. He is also litter trained and eats wet and dry cat food.
PEPPY is 2.5 years old. He is a loving cat looking for a family to call his own. He has only one eye but can see very well with the one eye that he has. He is neutered, vaccinated and litter trained. A very good companion for a family looking to adopt a cat.
TRIPOD is a 13 years + aged doggo who now in her old age is looking for a place to call home. She does not have much demands. She is easy to manage and not very fussy with food. She is also very very loving and promises to be your best friend if given a chance. She has a deformity in her front leg because of which she walks on three legs. This does not hinder her from doing any of her day to day activities or even running for that matter.
UPDATE - CALVIN IS ADOPTED - Calvin is a 7 month old mixed breed puppy who is up for adoption. He is very loving & playful. He is also vaccinated. Calvin loves his treats.
BUNNY is a spitz - pom who was abandoned on the road. He was then rehomed into a home where they promised to love and care for him well. However, they also backed out after some time. This left Bunny very upset and traumatised. As a result, he now takes time to trust and adjust with people. But once he does, he will be your forever. Bunny is above 5 years of age. We do not know his exact age as he was rescued from the streets. He is vaccinated, neutered and healthy.
TIMMY is a 13 year old girl. She is now looking for a home to spend the rest of her days in peace. She is very loving and docile and great with kids. She does not have much demands from life, just that she wants someone to love and care for her in her old age. Timmy is a small sized indie dog who will adjust well in a small space.
SELENA, the beautiful kitten is up for adoption. She is very loving and playful just like all kittens should be. She is also very docile. She is litter trained and vaccinated too. Selena will be a welcome addition to any family who chooses to have a new member with them.
ZEENAT NOOR, the lovely one eared rabbit is looking for a loving home. She is a complete sweetheart. She loves to cuddle and spend time with humans, once she gets to know them. Shewill be a wonderful addition to anyfamily looking to bring home a family member
UPDATE - MICHAEL IS ADOPTED - Michael was abandoned in Vasant Vihar and it didn't take long for us to learn that he is very gentle and empathetic. He loves to cuddle or simply rest his head on your lap. He enjoys playing with humans and other dogs.
UPDATE - DODO IS ADOPTED - Dodo is a beautiful Indian Mixed Breed dog who was rescued from the streets after he met with an accident. Dodo has a vibrant personality and is very affectionate and expressive
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