Supporters and Mentors

It is rightly said that a Mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained. Here are our mentors and supporters through the years..


Dr. Kaustubh Dhargalkar provides direction and teaches Design thinking to a lot of corporates and students through his venture, Potentials and Possibilities Solution Providers. He is the Ex-Dean of Business Design in Welingkar Institute of Management and Research and he has been instrumental in the conceptualization of PAL. He is one of the main reasons why this initiative began in the very first place. Over the years, his guidance and timely words of wisdom have been invaluable. His teachings in design thinking and innovation have given great direction to PAL’s problem solving capabilities and strategic thinking.


Ex-Vice Principal of Smt M.M.P.Shah College of Arts, Science, and Commerce, she has been a source of strength and support to the foundation since the early days. From taking care of animals in need to spreading the word about the cause actively, she has done it all for PAL. Her contributions have enabled PAL to stand tall and on the ground that they stand today. She is also a trustee of the foundation.


Dr Kiran Singh has been a big support to the Foundation’s work from the very beginning. She is a very senior faculty at Smt M.M.P.Shah College of Arts, Science, and Commerceand provides guidance to the NGO’s work through her experience and knowledge. 



Dr Usha Mishra is a senior faculty at Smt M. M. P. Shah College of Arts, Science and Commerce. She is a trustee member of the foundation and has provided immense support to the foundation since it’s inception. She is also an animal lover and actively fosters animals and takes care of them.


Radha Sule is a trustee member of the Foundation. She is a very inspiring individual and guides PAL with the day to day affairs and also when times are difficult. She has worked extensively in the social sector and her love for animals knows no bounds. She personally has 10 rescued cats of her own and continues to rescue many more animals. 

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